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How to Keep an Eye on Intra Day

How to Keep an Eye on Intra Day

Market eye filters was cleverly designed to assist you in seizing market possibilities without employing any tactics. An event tracker, or market scanner, is called market eye. Both Bullish and Bearish occurrences, such as the day’s high and low as well as gaps up and down, are pre-defined. The majority of software available on the market offers this kind of feature, but what sets IITian Trader Cheetah apart is the “Filters” option.

Market Eye filters will assist you in removing tumultuous market conditions because a decent scanner should not show the same stocks repeatedly.

As I mentioned above, taking advantage of market opportunities such as:

1) Gap up/Gap down:

When a stock forms a gap up, a trader can go long or cover a short position, or when a gap down, a trader can go short or sell long positions, a breakout occurs.

2) Turn over:

Market reversal or conviction that the volume breakout is legitimate might result from a volume breakout. Thus, volume breakout benefits momentum traders. With this filter, high volume with an up or down gap might be detected.

3) Identifying Support and Resistance:

Support and resistance are both created when a stock makes a new high during an uptrend or a new low during a downtrend. Thus, making a trade where you sell at a new low and buy at a new high can be beneficial. Reversals develop gradually. Additionally, the initial strong decline always attracts buyers, while the first sharp ascent always attracts selling.





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